Killing of Eck Knuckles in South Carolina


Case summary

Eck Knuckles was killed in 1930 by police officer C. M. Rash in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. Rash shot Knuckles, claiming Knuckles attempted to resist arrest on a charge of disorderly conduct. At a criminal trial, the prosecution contended that Rash had no warrant to arrest Knuckles and no basis to shoot him. The jury acquitted Rash after a half hour’s deliberation.


Alleged perpetrators/other named individuals:
Perpetrator group type: police

Date of incident: before 1930-06-21
Location: Spartanburg, Spartanburg County, South Carolina
Location type: victim's home
Allegation against victim: brawling in a cafe; resisting arrest

Coroner process
Coroner/inquest: [ ]
Finding of no legal responsibility: [ ]

Criminal process
Arrest: [ ]
Charge/indictment/information: yes
Grand jury: [ ]
Trial: yes
Conviction: no
Sentence: [ ]

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