Killing of Chester Robert Revis in North Carolina in 1941


Case summary

Chester Robert Revis (1920 - 1941), a farmer, was killed by deputy sheriff Walter Dawson in Wayne County, North Carolina. Dawson claimed that upon arriving at Turner Swamp Church to investigate a disturbance, he noticed Revis, drunk, was holding a brick and a bottle in his hands. Dawson claimed he ordered Revis to put down the brick and bottle, and Revis refused. Dawson fired a warning shot, then fatally shot Revis, claiming Revis ignored his commands. Grand jury indicted. The homicide charge against Dawson was eventually dismissed when a witness claimed that Dawson shot Revis when Revis was “in the act of throwing a brick at the officer.”


Alleged perpetrators/other named individuals: [ ]
Perpetrator group type: police

Date of incident: 1941-08-10
Location: Eureka, Wayne County, North Carolina
Location type: public space - urban
Allegation against victim: refusing to halt at a police officer's command

Coroner process
Coroner/inquest: yes
Finding of no legal responsibility: yes

Criminal process
Arrest: [ ]
Charge/indictment/information: [ ]
Grand jury: [ ]
Trial: [ ]
Conviction: [ ]
Sentence: [ ]

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