Killing of Meb Vines Jr. in North Carolina in 1947


Case summary

Meb Vines, Jr. (1925-1947), a WWII veteran and student, was killed by police officer Redding B. Fields, and possibly also by police officer Joseph A. Gregory, in Farmville, Pitt County, North Carolina. According to police accounts, Gregory and Fields were trying to arrest Vines on a disorderly charge and they fired in self-defense when he resisted arrest. According to the NAACP, Vines was trying to get something to eat at Roy Dixon’s store, and was told by others to lower his voice because “the law” was outside. Vines expressed that he did not care. Gregory then approached him and hit him. Vines fought back. Fields, and possibly also Gregory, then fatally shot Vines. An essay on this case, researched and authored by a CRRJ student, is available on request.


Alleged perpetrators/other named individuals:
Perpetrator group type: police

Date of incident: 1947-08-17
Location: Farmville, Pitt County, North Carolina
Location type: private space - commercial
Allegation against victim: being drunk and disorderly; saying "to hell with the law" within earshot of a police officer

Coroner process
Coroner/inquest: [ ]
Finding of no legal responsibility: [ ]

Criminal process
Arrest: [ ]
Charge/indictment/information: no
Grand jury: [ ]
Trial: [ ]
Conviction: [ ]
Sentence: [ ]

DOJ case ID:


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